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pup elton x goya 5 weeks

welcome to the nierlenders ringsport malinois websitewe strive to breed the malinois as it is ment to be :fast, agile, defensive, full mouth bite, excellent jumper....see also our literature page for breeding info and breeding strategy

after long evaluation and study, i decided a long time ago to concentratemy breeding on the best dogs available in the toughest dogsport of all : belgian ringsport. seen from their performance,personality and offspring there were only 2 : the famous zodt of bart bellon and the young a'tim of joao lopes.zodt was not often used due to his known agressivity , nor was atim as he was only known in the ringsportcommunity. this changed however in the years to come due to both dogs performances and offspring.the best breeding results i got from a combination of zodt offspring with atim the next generations i made inbreedings on those F1 offspring dogs, forming my F2 generation.these dogs have more common threaths and are excellent studdogs. in general i made a lot ofcombinations with dogs of my own kennel in order to create a larger breeding base.last year i made my first complete outcross in order to incorporate an extra ringsportbloodline known for it tremendous grip and drive. two dogs will be integrated by breeding to my"zodt-a'tim" inbred line. again the first generation will be thoroughly evaluated and only the best will beintegrated in the kennel breeding dogs.

one can make as many plans as he wants, but it is only with the help of several friends i can make this special thanks goes to : simon & angie galefords kennel irelandfrank & danny patravadi kennel germanypetra tulikuumi kennel finlandhelmut & brigitte vom roten vulkan kennel austriaheidi, belgium dog training & evaluationdany, belgium dog training & evaluationgert, belgium dog training & evaluationjay, usa dog training & evaluation

updated 2 th april

"6 gear" dogs from belgium

Nierlenders ringsport malinois

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